Digital Scanning

Digital Scanning

Welcome to the digital age!

We offers a comprehensive range of document scanning services. We can scan and create legal digital archives for your business and transform your piles of paper documents into an easily-manageable database of text-searchable digital images. No need for filing cabinets or offsite storage.

The document scanning process is simple:

  • Provide us your documents with required sequence.
  • We will scan and then be converted into PDF, JPG and TTF digital formats.
  • After this, we can send you document on your email and save it into your storage device.

Legal Document Scanning

We are a specialist provider of legal document scanning, with an understanding of the best practices when it comes to archiving and accessibility, as well as confidentiality.

Medical Records Scanning

Several medical establishments trust us with the scanning and management of documents that contain highly-sensitive information. We guarantee full confidentiality and proper handling of such material.

Benefits of Our Document Scanning Services

Our document scanning services offer a one-stop solution for your business to digitise, archive and search your documents, saving you time and money. Document scanning can help you:

  • Digitise your paper documents, reducing paper pushing and saving office space. No more cabinets or large offsite storage requirements.
  • Gain instant access to highly searchable data with online archives of your documents.
  • Comply with security regulations and best practices.
  • Back up critical data.
  • Minimise document conversion costs and improve your businesses’ efficiency.