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A-Frame signs (also known as sandwich board signs) are durable interior/exterior signs that are typically used for sidewalk advertising for businesses. Though the ease of setting up, taking down and storing these signs make them a popular option for many other applications as well. Made from heavy duty 100% plastic these signs offer the ability to advertise on both sides and even be weighted with sand or water inside the frame to ensure stability. Create your custom graphics to be included on your A-Frame sign and set it up within seconds to start advertising your business.


Yes. Our A-Frame signs are built to withstand both exterior and interior use. In many cases the frame and graphics will do just fine regardless of where you might be located. We do however recommend that you avoid using your sign outside during extreme weather, particularly high winds and heavy rain.
Yes! Our A-Frame signs are extremely durable and can be used repeatedly.
The plastic frame itself does have the potential to have scuffs or scratches if not handled well or from falling over while positioned on rough surfaces such as concrete or pavement. With the exception of an extremely prolonged period of sun exposure, there shouldn’t be any fading or discoloration of the frame. Similarly, splintering and rusting should not be a problem due to the fact that it is made from heavy duty plastic. Likewise, with the exception of expanded ice causing the sign to warp or crack, the frame should not have problems with warping or cracking. Overall, the frame itself is incredibly durable. We’ve seen these frames last for 5+ years with proper care despite regular use outdoors.

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