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Printz Centre laminate anything from menus and price lists to artwork and posters. We are well-equipped to serve your business with cost-effective lamination services that will secure your printed products for long-term use and enjoyment. Our knowledgeable staff will make sure your materials are designed, printed and laminated with the highest level or service and quality that you can rely on to make sure your documents are preserved and protected. You can visit Printz Centre to utilize our expert printing and laminating services for anything and everything, including restaurant menus, price lists, posters, artwork, trade show event materials, and more. We can also design and print laminated business cards that are sure to stand out from the crowd and remain durable no matter where they travel. In addition to lamination printing services. Printz Centre Laminating Services:
  • Cost-effective printing and laminating services
  • Secure your products for long-term use and enjoyment
  • We can design, print and laminate anything you want
  • We’ll laminate your menus, price lists, posters, artwork and more
  • We’ll make sure your documents are preserved and protected

We also accept print ready files. Please send us file and details on our email info@printcentre.nz

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